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Sunday, March 29, 2009

OurTripVideos website new features - 2

The following features are added to the web site. If you are visiting the web site means, you are not only viewing the videos - you are knowing the latest technologies available now for web publishing.

1. Search for locations on Video Listing page
- Now you can select videos based on video type : Place or Event

2. Identify the video type by icons - Place or Event
- The video type icons are added to the following pages - Videos playing page(Home), Videos Listing and Search, MyVideos and YouTube Videos

3. Google videos Map - Video selection by video type
- By using the drop down list box you could select videos by category : All, Places or Events

4. Videos playing(Home) page
- Next and Previous links added. So if you would like just move to next or pevious videos, now it is easy.

5. Various icons are added above the video playing area, now it is easy to identify different options like - YouTube, Google Maps, Search Videos List and Search Add Website Feed to your account Website Blog for our updates and your comments Videos Google Map Share with your friends on Facebook YouTube Videos Views & Rating Visiting Place Video

6.YouTube videos top views and rating page - Now you could watch the full video of your interested top viewed or rated YouTube video by clicking the link name.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fredericksburg Battlefield, VA, US

Fredericksburg Battlefield, VA, USFredericksburg is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia located 50 miles south of Washington, D.C., and 58 miles north of Richmond. It is a part of the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Located on the Rappahannock River near the head of navigation at the fall line, Fredericksburg developed as the frontier of colonial Virginia shifted west out of the coastal plain.

Named for Frederick, Prince of Wales, son of King George II, the colonial towns streets bore the names of members... Click on the image to watch the video and read more details.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free Hugs Campaign, Baltimore

Free Hugs Campaign videoJuan Mann, who started the Free Hugs movement, seen at Pitt Street Mall, Sydney, Australia, 2006.

The Free Hugs Campaign is a social movement involving individuals who offer hugs to strangers in public places.

The campaign became famous internationally in 2006 as the result of a music video on YouTube by the Australian band Sick Puppies.

The hugs are meant to be random acts of kindness - purportedly selfless acts performed by a person for the sole reason of making others feel better. Click on the image to watch the video and read more details.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

YouTube Version Videos - Top Views and Rating

Click here for latest Views and RatingYouTube version Videos will have duration less than 10min. Views count more than 100 and top videos are shown here. Actual views and ratings may be more than this. YouTube video rating is from 1 to 5. 

The results are updated automatically for every 1 or 2 days on the web site. Visit the web site for latest top views and to watch your interested videos. Here is the link.

This will show how frequently other folks are watching these videos and  their rating.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nearest attractions - New feature

Niagara Falls imageNow you could find the nearest available attractions easily of the current playing video. Just click on the link below the video 'Nearest attractions and Map'. You will find the available attractions map and the current video attraction will be highlighted and information window will be opened by default to identify the location.

Try with this link Niagara Falls.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hampton and Richmond, VA, US - Videos available

The following videos are available now on the web site :

Richmond, VA image
Richmond, VA, US

Hampton, VA image
Hampton, VA, US

OurTripVideos website new features - 1

The following features are added to the web site. If you are visiting the web site means, you are not only viewing the videos - you are knowing the latest technologies available now for web publishing.

1. Search for locations on Video Listing page
- You could enter a word or select a country/State. The state list is related to USA.

2. Save/Bookmark the interested videos and watch them later on My Videos page.

3. You could find Description/Attractions of the selected video.

4. Remember the state of show/hide menu across the pages and across the sessions of the same computer and browser.

5. YouTube to web site - Direct video selection and continue the remaining video viewing.

6. RSS and Blog links and feeds.

7. 3 images added for preview to Maps information window of each video.

8. You could also play the YouTube High Quality video of the selected video.

The web site is tested with IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. Always better to use the latest version of these browsers.

Please feel free to comment or advice on any existing feature or new feature for improvements. The comments on videos will boost us to publish more videos.

Finding OurTripVideos is easy on Web

You could find easily the web site from Internet/Web World. Just search for the word 'OurTripVideos' on Google.

You could also find us on YouTube, Google Maps, Earth,....

OurTripVideos on Google Maps and Earth, RSS Feed

OurTripVideos are also available on Google Maps and Google Earth.

But you will find more options on the Google Map available on OurTripVideos web site. There you have street view, links for finding 'Restaurants, rental cars, attractions and hotels'. You could also see preview images and little bit description. Here is the link for Videos Map. You could find different places or events by different colored icons. There are buttons to select different regions of the Word or US based on available video locations.

You could also add the following OurTripVideos feeds to your Accounts :
Blog Feed and Website Feed

YouTube HQ Video viewing on OurTripVideos web site

Now you could watch YouTube version video directly on OurTripVideos web site. Most of the YouTube videos will have HQ(High Quality) option for videos.

You could find the link on OurTripVideos web site for HQ version - 'YouTube Version' link is available for each video just above the playing video. When you click on this link you will see the YouTube video name and rating stars if any before playing the video.

By using this link you could change between the versions(Full and YouTube) and enjoy the HQ version.

YouTube video viewing can be continued on web site with one click

New enhancement for YouTube video viewer. Usually the YouTube version video will have the limit on duration like less than 10 min. Once you are done with video and would like to continue watching the remaining video on web site - Just click on the link in the description of video. You will directly reach that particular video on OurTripVideos web site and start from that minute, where you completed on YouTube.

OurTripVideos YouTube Profile

Before continuing, the web site will ask you to continue from the respective minute or not. If you select yes then video would continue from that minute. Otherwise video will start from the beginning. Here is the example :

Here is the YouTube Version Los Angeles Trip link.

Once the YouTube user watched this video and would like to continue the remaining video on OurTripVideos web site, YouTube user could directly click on link in the description.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OurTripVideos web site usage - Part 2

Select a trip video from drop down list box OR Google Map OR Videos List on the web site OurTripVideos. You could also change the size of the player but default size will have good clarity.

A. Google Map(World Map) - This is the best way to find a particular place/event of a place. This is useful if you know the area in the Map, so that you could reduce the finding process. The other features of this option are :
Directions to/from this place, video type like place/event, little description about the place/event, Google street view, and also the hotels/rental cars/Restaurants/Attractions near to this place.

You could use the buttons below the Map to select a particular region of the world like USA, South West USA, North East USA and Canada, South East USA and Bahamas AND India.

B. Videos List is useful to see all videos on single page.
You could also use CTRL + F to find a particular place/event for both Option A and B.

C. Drop down list box on Home page - You could just select a trip video. Click on the link show/hide description to read the place description. You could also find links to available attractions of this place/event.

OurTripVideos web site usage - Part 1

Enjoy our videos by selecting an event/place from the drop-down list box or Google Maps or Videos listing. You could also find the information about YouTube users rating and top views of these videos. No need to login or remember user name/password or no restrictions. Everything is free. We believe that since we are getting many free things from the world, why can't we give a little bit from our side? When we are enjoying something, why can't we share with others so that they will also enjoy and have knowledge about these places/events? One of our friends was asking, "I would love to see this world but can't travel due to certain circumstances." Well, this is our gift for these friends, and for you.

Please visit the web site and enjoy the videos. Here is the web site link OurTripVideos.