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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OurTripVideos web site usage - Part 1

Enjoy our videos by selecting an event/place from the drop-down list box or Google Maps or Videos listing. You could also find the information about YouTube users rating and top views of these videos. No need to login or remember user name/password or no restrictions. Everything is free. We believe that since we are getting many free things from the world, why can't we give a little bit from our side? When we are enjoying something, why can't we share with others so that they will also enjoy and have knowledge about these places/events? One of our friends was asking, "I would love to see this world but can't travel due to certain circumstances." Well, this is our gift for these friends, and for you.

Please visit the web site and enjoy the videos. Here is the web site link OurTripVideos.

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