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Sunday, March 29, 2009

OurTripVideos website new features - 2

The following features are added to the web site. If you are visiting the web site means, you are not only viewing the videos - you are knowing the latest technologies available now for web publishing.

1. Search for locations on Video Listing page
- Now you can select videos based on video type : Place or Event

2. Identify the video type by icons - Place or Event
- The video type icons are added to the following pages - Videos playing page(Home), Videos Listing and Search, MyVideos and YouTube Videos

3. Google videos Map - Video selection by video type
- By using the drop down list box you could select videos by category : All, Places or Events

4. Videos playing(Home) page
- Next and Previous links added. So if you would like just move to next or pevious videos, now it is easy.

5. Various icons are added above the video playing area, now it is easy to identify different options like - YouTube, Google Maps, Search Videos List and Search Add Website Feed to your account Website Blog for our updates and your comments Videos Google Map Share with your friends on Facebook YouTube Videos Views & Rating Visiting Place Video

6.YouTube videos top views and rating page - Now you could watch the full video of your interested top viewed or rated YouTube video by clicking the link name.

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