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Sunday, March 15, 2009

OurTripVideos website new features - 1

The following features are added to the web site. If you are visiting the web site means, you are not only viewing the videos - you are knowing the latest technologies available now for web publishing.

1. Search for locations on Video Listing page
- You could enter a word or select a country/State. The state list is related to USA.

2. Save/Bookmark the interested videos and watch them later on My Videos page.

3. You could find Description/Attractions of the selected video.

4. Remember the state of show/hide menu across the pages and across the sessions of the same computer and browser.

5. YouTube to web site - Direct video selection and continue the remaining video viewing.

6. RSS and Blog links and feeds.

7. 3 images added for preview to Maps information window of each video.

8. You could also play the YouTube High Quality video of the selected video.

The web site is tested with IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. Always better to use the latest version of these browsers.

Please feel free to comment or advice on any existing feature or new feature for improvements. The comments on videos will boost us to publish more videos.

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