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Sunday, March 15, 2009

YouTube video viewing can be continued on web site with one click

New enhancement for YouTube video viewer. Usually the YouTube version video will have the limit on duration like less than 10 min. Once you are done with video and would like to continue watching the remaining video on web site - Just click on the link in the description of video. You will directly reach that particular video on OurTripVideos web site and start from that minute, where you completed on YouTube.

OurTripVideos YouTube Profile

Before continuing, the web site will ask you to continue from the respective minute or not. If you select yes then video would continue from that minute. Otherwise video will start from the beginning. Here is the example :

Here is the YouTube Version Los Angeles Trip link.

Once the YouTube user watched this video and would like to continue the remaining video on OurTripVideos web site, YouTube user could directly click on link in the description.

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