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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Web site text can be Translated in to 42 international languages - New feature

Now you could translate the web site text in to 42 international languages. So you can read the information on this web site in your mother tongue(first language). You will find the languages drop down list box and translate button on each page. Try with this link : OurTripVideos

Note :
1. At a time you could use only one language. For example the introduction page is translated in to Indian Language 'Hindi'. You can't translate that Hindi in to another language, because the meaning may change. So if you would like to translate in to another language, just refresh the page and select your interested language.

2. If any word conversion is not available in that language, you will see the same English word. We may get 95% of the translation.

3. On videos play page, you have to click translate button again if you select new video to translate the new video description.

4. Most of the video titles of the playing video could be find in the web site video description. So you could translate and read them before watching the video.

5. The top navigation links will be always in English but you could see the conversion in the left floating menu.

6. After the conversion, try to keep the mouse over a converted line. The line will be highlighted with white border and the original English text will be appeared as tool tip.

7. If you keep mouse on languages list box, you will find the languages total count as tool tip in the latest browsers.

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