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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Prince George County Fair, Upper Marlboro, MD, US

The Prince Georges County Fair began in 1842 as a friendly gathering for local farmers to showcase their produce and livestock and have a little fun. The oldest running Fair in Maryland!

Though it started out as mostly livestock and field crops, eventually it came to include womens arts as well, with competitions for the best jams, jellies, canned goods, pies, breads, cookies, clothing, quilts, and handicrafts. It was (and is) quite an honor to be deemed the best in the County!...

Did you know they still hold competitions in all these areas plus photography, fine arts, woodworking, basket making, flower arranging, and more? The Open Class area accepts entries from any of the 5 Southern Maryland Counties and also from our District of Columbia neighbors. Theres no charge to enter your work, and the top three winners in each class receive a ribbon and a small monetary award.

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