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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baltimore Comic-Con, Baltimore, MD, US - Pictures - Upcoming Video

Baltimore Convention Center, 1 West Pratt Street.

The Baltimore Comic Con has once again stacked the guest list with a great lineup for this year, but did you know there is more? With over 400 Artists and 100 Exhibitors and Retailers, you can spend a day or the weekend experiencing it all!

From Archie and Angel to Troll Lords and Zombies ...
...and everything in between, the artists at the Baltimore Comic-Con cover it all! Want to talk about Cursed Pirate Girls? Visit Bastian. More of a trade card collector? Go and visit Tressina Bowling. Or maybe you want to cry over "Chewy" being cancelled? Then stop by and visit Tedd Hazard.

With over 400 artists and publishers, the Baltimore Comic-Con has you covered. Whether you are "Gluten Free", "Absolutely Not Comics", a "Digital Pimp", or just a "Geek Boy", the different art that these artist and publishers represent will certainly amaze you.

Please visit the web site for pictures.

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